Transformational Change


Greetings dear friends.

You are poised to not just witness, but be part of actively co-creating great transformational change on your planet

Many of you have come here to this point in time and space from times long ago to reset the original, intended matrices and balance on your planet and to ensure that this balance remains intact, never to be compromised again.

This exquisite orb you call home is a living library and the jewel in the crown (so to speak) of the Universe.

There are many sacred, ancient codes set in place on your Earth/Gaia to protect the deep wisdom she holds within her. The codes and the knowledge which reside in Gaia are only accessible through the frequency of Love. This was one of the safeguards, among many, set in place long, long ago. Only in a true spirit of Integrity and vibration of Love can her knowledge and wisdom be accessed in its pure and elegant form.

As you collectively work together to bring increasing harmony to your planet, you are gradually creating an atmosphere where Mother Gaia can begin to bloom fully and reveal the great and beautiful wisdom she holds sacred within her.  Read more here