Managing Vibration


In January of 2000 I began receiving downloads from my wise circle of guides and teachers who refer to themselves as the Council of Wisdom. They have never failed to shed light and lift me throughout the years, however I've never shared them until now. Here are the latest words of wisdom from them, so fitting in these times. In all ways, may you be blessed - Veronica

• • • • •

Greetings, dear friends.

We know that many of you are traversing some particularly challenging times and this can manifest in your personal world in ways that don’t always fit into an easy explanation or solution and this can cause distress. We would like to speak to you about this and perhaps offer some ways to help you find some ease through the process.

So it is about managing your vibration.

Raising your vibration is how you grow into the true you, the YOU you came here to become. So it’s not about the ups and downs in your relationships or your money issues or health. These are all signals, signposts and effects of the process of expansion. This is the particular challenge of being a spiritual being on the earth plane, you see. Read more.