Garlic Planting...and A Medicinal Soup


Plant Garlic
Early October is usually the best time to plant garlic. I look forward to this time: I honor the resilience...and welcome her journey through the winter toward spring's appearance (later scapes and a new harvest). If you choose to plant, snuggle cloves (tips up) in healthy soil. They'll be one of the first to offer spring green in the garden—and later, lovely garlic heads (nature's mandala).
• Hero of the garden and harvest
• Immune and health booster
• Super medicinal.

Soup: I'm making this up, but it'll be great. 
I make soup all of the time: there is usually a pot of something simmering or luke warm. My favorite is probably miso, but all are usually somehow nourishing and nutritious. So, this one came to me today: You'll need...Olive oil, 2 sweet onions, one potato, bone broth, a small pumpkin and a clove of garlic (salt and pepper as you like). Heat the oil and add the onions and potato (chopped/sliced). Sauté until soft-ish. Add the bone broth and slices or chucks of pumpkin. Simmer about 10 minutes and add the garlic. Continue to heat until everything is soft—but not lost (never boil). Allow to cool and puree. Garnish herbs—and add spices of any kind (cumin?). Enjoy. (p.s., Add turmeric, more garlic, miso and tahini or almond butter to boost the immune and health benefits.)