Simple Immune Boost

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Stowell Farm Immune Boost! 
(Stowell Farm and Bean of the Fields brew up the a Super Blend)

Late September and November in the Northern Hemisphere present light and temperature shifts that can be challenging: It’s easy to get sick and blue. It’s a good time to “armor up” by taking an immune tonic and consuming bone broths. (Just the ACT of preparing and making keeps us stronger and more vibrant and whole.) Many things that keep us strong and well are age-old and simple; but many of us, today, get lost in the BIG and BUSY…and lose our deeper knowing. Immune Boost is a simple blend—derived from the ancient wisdom of the herbs and plants. 

It’s a blend of Elderberry, Elderflower, Echinacea (root, flower and leaf), Ginger, Cinnamon, Cayenne, and Honey. More peppery than sweet, it is "a gentle but heavy hitter" (and more so if you add more cayenne). It kicks the #$%# out of your ickness—and puts you back on the “right" track ASAP. Truly an effective and amazing blend.

As graphic designer for Urban Moonshine for seven years, I was slowly (and luckily) gifted with knowledge through our collaborative, creative alchemy. The mission was to bring “plants to the people.” Jovial and I (and so so many others) worked together to package and market with intent to educate and inspire health and wellbeing—with plant medicine. In 2012, I attended my first herb school. It was profound: within moments of the join, I KNEW. The plants spoke: They are our medicine, our gift, our guides and connection. They are healing agents and links to great and true knowing. Today, I work with the plants and share their knowledge and medicine with friends and family. 

Custom created by order only.