Magical Tools and Spaces


Lara-rose Duong shared this yesterday. Aurora Spirits can be found on Pinterest and Facebook—and this website. I love her artistic sense and her voice and mission: "Aurora Spirits is a unique and beautifully handcrafted brand that seeks to both nurture our spiritual foundation and push comfortably self-made boundaries through Jewelry, Dreamcatchers & Smudge Feather Wands. Each piece is Uniquely sculptured for the body, soul, spirit and mind - artfully balanced between edgy & earthy, both tough & feminine, yet sleek and elegant.

"Aurora Spirits unfolded on my spiritual and creative journey to Burning Man. A Magical place where dusty footprints of deep inspiration were left in my heart. Dancing to the sound of Music while grazed by the most stunning sunrises, a place where the Sun meets the Moon - a true Celebration of our lives, our Planet and the People we belong to. This place, the Playa that is larger than ourselves, with a vibrating Presence that was not mine alone, called me to rise and inspired me to meet and create the very best within myself and offer it to others." Ewa da Cruz

A Dream is a wish your Heart makes..

Check her blog for some inspiration and mood-lifting.