Sacred Nature of Corn


Beautiful Corn!! An ancient symbol of sharing, bread and sustenance. A spirit seed of eternal life: gift, blessing and fertility. It is used in ritual involving growth and transformation. The Hopi  revered the corn as Great Mother Earth: "Do not the people build the flesh of the corn into their own flesh? And is not, therefore, corn their mother, like the living Earth herself?" There is great spiritual power around the corn: the bounty; the journey; life, death, and re-birth. The cyclical nature of things.

Corn "hair," or silk, is revered by herbalists: a soothing, cooling and moistening demulcent diuretic. Useful property to assist/sooth the tense, burning, and irritable nature of urinary tract infections. Corn silk tea has been used historically to treat chronic inflammation.

"Sky-father spoke to the Earth-mother and said, 'Yet not alone shalt thon he helpful unto our children, for behold!' and he spread his hand abroad with the palm downward, and into all the wrinkles and crevices thereof he set the semblance of shining yellow corn grains. In the dark of the early world-dawn they gleamed like sparks of fire, and moved as his hand was moved over the bowl, shining up from and also moving in the depths of the water therein. 'See!' said he, pointing to the seven grains clasped by his thumb and four fingers, 'by such shall our children be guided; far behold, when the Sun-father is not nigh and thy terraces are as the dark itself, then shall our children be guided by lights . . . like to these lights of all the six regions turning around the midmost one . . . as in and around the midmost place, where these our children shall abide, lie all the other regions of space! Yea! and even as those grains gleam up from the water, so shall seed-grains like to them, yet numberless, spring up from thy bosom when touched by my waters, to nourish our children."

Zuni Cosmology