Winter Solstice Celebration: 2017


Welcome Winter Solstice! 
This Thursday marks an especially important moment on the Wheel of the Year. It's the day that we are furthest away from the sun—and the shortest day of the year. Hence, the longest night and largest dark. This year, the actual solstice will be at 12:28 pm EST Thursday, December 21 (p.s., we are in the Northern Hemisphere). Always, this time alleviates (sometimes unconscious) fear and provides a conscious sense of optimism, joy and hope. The darker days give way to the abundance of light.

Celebrate the return of the sun. Release the dark (with thanks!) and welcome the new, longer days of light—and the promise of seed, sprout and bloom.

We invite you to celebrate! Here are some ways in which we do:

• Create a Solstice Alter
Dedicate a small space in your home to honor this sacred turning—and return. You might include candles, some greenery, a saved seedpod. If you own cards, pull the Queen of Pentacles or Empress—and bring them. The Ace of Wands might also work well. If you connect with a goddess of abundance, ask for her presence. Burn some incense, consider and bless.

• Quiet time and Candles
Light many candles in a semi-circle. Get a pillow or bolster—and get comfy while contemplating the warmth and glow. Meditate and say a small prayer—in gratitude

• Participate in Guided Meditation
There are many available on the internet. Here's a link with a few. 

• Discover the Beauty of a Yule Log
You'll find info here and here. The link I'm most fond of is broken right now, so I can't share—but it speaks to family stories around the log. Love this unfolding! 

• New Moon followed by the Solstice
The new moon was Monday. Some of us have set intentions—which we'll honor, embrace, empower and support until the full moon (on January 1, 2018 at 9:25pm)...when we release. At the Solstice, however, we may choose to release what's past and intend upon the coming of the light. We may form ideas, goals and hopes for this time upon the Wheel. 

Enjoy the magic time. The most creative comes from the quiet dark. The light warms and manifests.