"Willow bark was the herbal inspiration for aspirin...It is useful for cases of pain and inflammation..."—The Herbal Healing Oracle Deck

The Willow is a border plant and "a gateway between water, a symbol of the emotions and subconscious, and earth, a symbol for the body. Willow reminds us of the connection between our feelings and our health...Louise Hay outlines how specific conditions of the body reflect our inner being—our thoughts, feelings and beliefs." Willow begs you to take note of physical reflections of inner issues. 

This week, remember that Willow, in its nature is pliable "and can be used for basket weaving." This is perfect this week as the Willow spirit will help us in our Ace-of-Pentacle-goal-setting manifestation. Recall that "the energy fields of all living things are woven together in a vast web, connecting u in unseen ways. Ultimately, we are all sparks of the same Divine essence, and thus we are all one."

"The more we realize our interconnectedness to all of life, the more we understand our responsibility to keep our words, actions, and even our thoughts positive. Willow asks you to remember that thoughts are powerful things. Focusing on worries, fears or negativity can pull these things into your life." For the SUPER IMPORTANT Willow Message Read More.