Samhain—Hello October and Bless the Seedpods

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It's kind of wild to pull the Hermit card for the first week of October, 2017. So completely fitting and right. This time of year warrants a slowing...and honoring. Respect. As I harvest the last of summer's bounty, I witness the fullness of this time: the leaves folding to work their way into the soils and replenish; the sun's lowering more quickly to slow the processes and calm the wilds of spring and high summer; the pods scattering to harness their essence and power of renewal—and remind us to witness and respect the amazing potency of life (just life as it comes and goes...and comes again. WOW!, right?). does come and go.

There is so much to say. How do we begin? First, welcome the slowing (tuck in early, get your winter booklist going, prepare your root cellar). Second, make harvest bounty (collect apples and make sauces, cakes, gifts and such). Third, seek mushrooms and honor the kale and rhubarb—all of whom whether the colder shift. Cut back the herbs and begin to bring indoors those you can (thyme, sage, bayleaf, lavender, passion flower). 

This is a time to "welcome the dead"—or the idea of the "sleeping time." Let the bear hibernate. Honor the cycle. With death comes rebirth. We softly weave our way. I invite you to some timely inspiration:
• Amazing seedpod imagery: Here on Pinterest.
Mysteries of the Dark Moon, a book by Demetra George
Exploring the mystery, wisdom, and power of the dark phase of the moon's cycle—a lunar-based model for moving through the dark times in our lives with understanding, consciousness, and faith in renewal. Barnes and Noble.
• A bit of Samhain ritual: