The Cleansing Bath


Coming to the end of the Yule season, January and the upcoming Super Moon, the first of February might be a perfect time for a cleansing bath. February 2nd begins an new season: Imbolc or Candlemas. The cleanse is a beautiful way to clear and open channels—and come to the first day of the season with love, heart and clarity. Here's a suggestion for a lovely blend:

• 1/2-cup Clear Quartz Gem Elixir
• 1 Cup Himalayan or Sea Salt
• 2 Tablespoons Gold Colloidal (or 1 Teaspoon each of Gold, Silver and Copper)
• Dried Red Clover Flowers (3-9)
• Milk Thistle Seeds (a handful)

The colloidals are pictured above—and would be wonderful to include—but are pricey, and not totally necessary. The Clear Quartz, Salts, Red Clover and Seeds will provide a beautiful cleanse and clearing. 

(Photo©Kristin Petrovich)