Wheel of the Year: Imbolc

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IMBOLC: History, info and ceremony

In the Northern Hemisphere, Imbolc breaks a long and cold season with a candle ceremony. It is a time to celebrate and welcome the earliest beginnings of spring...that are, indeed, stirring. The word Imbolc means "in the belly," and reminds us that below the snow, life is brewing...and the wheel turns with the promise of warmer times, abundance and prosperity. Seeds are beginning to sprout.

This is a time to rejoice in the heart, surrounded by the light of many candles. It is also a great time to purify, cleanse—brush away the old and make way for the new. This coupled with the Blue Moon Eclipse is an excellent opportunity.

"This holiday celebrates the first stirrings of spring underneath the often frozen ground. It is a time to sweep away the old and welcome in the new. During the slower-paced winter days, we have plotted and planned our goals for the coming year. Now it is time to start implementing those plans." —Deborah Blake, Circle, Coven and Grove.

Craft yourself a ceremony. For me, I surround myself with lots of candlelight. I burn incense and herbs. I honor, pray and set energetic intentions...pull cards, collect crystals, make music (drums, strings, bells, bowls). There is no formula. It's spontaneous and authentically of it's moment. I do love the idea of "sweeping"—so will include that this year.

Happy Imbolc xoxox