The Joys of Canning

Bringing frozen Elderberries, Cherries and Currants from the freezer: was too tired to cook them and can at harvest's end. Now...ready: the below inspires.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 5.49.07 PM.png

Every year, the objective from March on, is the grown, feed, harvest, preserve, honor and enjoy. We log everything we can...and rate it. We also have fun creating new labels each year (also a great way of knowing what to use up first). Always so amazing to visit the root cellar in February...and cook from the last apples, onions, potatoes and husk cherries. And the canned tomatoes are so "fresh"—they taste (this time of year) like the garden. The jellies and jams are consumed with pride and honor. It takes so much time, but is so very worth it.