Cookbooks and the Kitchen


Preparing food is medicine making: the yummiest, closest, everyday kind. Cooking from the heart is always good, but a little inspiration from outside sources can provide such a super, unexpected and fabulous outcome. Someone else's hint becomes your treasure.

Cooking is a health key. It represents art and self care. The act itself is nourishing in a very fundamental way. We can truly care for ourselves—and form relationship with what we handle, eat, mix and season. What we eat, how we digest (circulate and breathe) has profound impact upon our radiant natures. 

Some favorite books for fabulous inspiration and nourishment:
Chez Panisse Vegetables by Alice Waters (and ANY Alice Waters cookbook)
Wild Flavors by Didi Emmons
Grow Cook Eat by Willi Galloway
Home Made by Yvette Van Boven
Super Natural Cooking by Heidi Swanson
Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson
Bitter by Jennifer McLagan
Super Foods Super Fast by Julie Montagu