Favorites in the House...Now


Gotta RAVE...

First, here in Vermont...it is the longgggggest winter. I do ok in winter, but this one is dragging...there has been little snow, lots of ice and too many colds and viruses swirling around and about.

How do I feel better?

...oh so many ways:
I use honey regularly: immunity, happiness, reminder of the buzzing bees and beautiful flowers. This product rocks. "Ariel's Honey Infusions believes strongly in making all honey infusions with Local sustainably Harvested, Raw Vermont Honey & Organic Herbs.

Ariel's Honey Infusions are all made in small batches by Ariel. Each Unique Infusion is only made with raw, local honey from  Vermont. Raw honey has not been heated, preserving all the naturally occurring vitamins, enzymes and nutritional elements. Our local honey suppliers only practices bee keeping without using any pesticides or chemicals, to insure the utmost, pure and healthiest honey and bees around. Only organic herbs are used for the infusions, and we strive to use as many local herb suppliers as possible.

Our vision is to offer customers locally sourced honey infusions while spreading understanding and awareness about the vital role bees play in keeping the planet healthy."

A beautiful herbal blend. "Tone, soften, rejuvenate." Nourishing and warming and healthy. As a ritual, it's restorative, refreshing and cleansing. More here.