Scrapping the Blues


Here in the Northeast, this time of year can be challenging. And for those of us who are itching to get the seeds going and wiggle around in the earth, its an "itchy" and sometimes annoyingly slow time of year. 

I rejoice in the winter season: not because I go outside (I don't like the cold), but I get to justify my habits of hibernation, book-loving-euphoria, garden planning and quiet learning and exchange. The spring is busy...which is great for a bee, but after those months coupled with the summer, I am always ready for fall and winter. That said, sometimes...I get the blues. 

My amazing friend Kelly-Ann Maddox posted a video about climbing out of the depths of depression when it grabs you. She suggested some of the following...and I've added to the list. 

When you feel down, consider some of one of these possible solutions:
Connect with a friend: Join up for a meal or tea OUTSIDE OF YOUR OWN SPACE
Move: Take a walk, stretch, do some yoga, get your Ya-ya's out at a disco club
Write a letter: Send a letter or card to someone...anyone
Listen to music: Or play some yourself if that's your thing. Get low or high...or sit in between. Old or new. Just listen to tunes, tones...
Get creative: cook, draw, paint, choreograph, plan your garden, design a house, decorate
Journal: Zoom in, process, contemplate
Treat Yourself: Eat a nice meal, replace the raggedy outfit with a new one...
DON'T JUDGE: Practice compassion. Know that there is dark...and there is light. xo