Why We Do What We Do


"...the bearer of an important message...it's contents can only be herd when a deep level of quiet has been established."

This is a curious question! In chatting with my partner earlier today, we discussed the unchangeable importance of some crossroads—and the mystery of fate, outcome. In the 1980s, I was hired as an editor for a small company, Phoenix Marketing Group. Small as we were, we were a powerhouse with big clients doing amazing work. Beautiful! I think back on that day: I know I participated in some of strongest and most powerful partnerships of my life—on so many levels. Over time, someone bought into the company and reviewed resumes: he called me in and asked: "What the hell are you doing editing here? You are an artist and graphic designer! Would you take charge of launching and managing our in-house design and production department?" Delighted, I accepted and we created an amazing crew of round-the-clock (if necessary) dedicated souls, working mostly part-time and within a framework of family support. Truth is, I love to write.

Synopsis: That changed the professional direction of my life. Same as 1981 when I met the father of my children. As 2011 when I started raising sheep.

I love sheep! I relate to sheep. 

Lamb: peaceful, prophetic and patient. "The lamb is the bearer of an important message. Its contents can only be heard when a deep level of quiet has been established. Lamb energy is the honest guidance you hear from and old friend, a young child, or sometimes a surprising stranger. Though the lamb's message may channel through another person, the wisdom resonates within you...and it will treat and reverberate until you listen. Approach this gentle creature with the utmost patience and reverence. Truth is a gift. Sit still, listen, receive." —Kim Krans

Today, I only have three, old sheep. I take care of them. I honor them. I am slowly giving up meat again, but I have learned oh so important messages. Cycle of life.