Energy Muse • Clearing and Energizing

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I really love these guys (Energy Muse): I love the quality of their products, the integrity behind the video content—And their recently released book is a treasure I am awaiting. I read this earlier today and wanted to share. Cleansing and clearing has been on my mind and in my daily efforts, for these vary reasons (plus a regular honor/respect to the plants/elements/elementals):

"Change isn’t just necessary, it’s life itself. We can see it in nature every day with our ever-spinning planet, its majestic flowing rivers and the constant push and pull of the ocean tides. Our constantly evolving world is always going through phases of transformation. But when this energy gets stuck, it causes a once pristine river to turn into polluted pond overrun with algae sludge.

The same can be said of your body and spirit, which is heavily influenced by your environment. When you combine the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui with space clearing and the power of healing crystals, get ready for opportunity to rock when you clear negative energy from your home and create a space that vibrates at its full potential."

Herb burning for clarity, clarifying and cleansing is a regular practice here: Bay, Sage, Lavender, Pleurisy, Sweetgrass and Honeysuckle. Copal and Paulo Santo are also wonderful—and popular. Crystals vary depending: right now we have a full-on, full-moon cleanse and clearing going on. (The actual Full Moon is tonight at 7:51pm EST.) If you'd love to know more, visit their website and/or blog. Enjoy!