Trance or Ecstatic Ritual: What form does it take?


This past weekend I participated in a Workshop with 35 other participants. Among many wonderful things, we were introduced to Trance work. Moved and curious, I did some research: here is one link. Trance and Ecstatic Ritual is practiced all over the world: a sacred practice shared by many cultures. But it takes various forms depending—and that struck me. So, I did my own trance work...with amazing and profound results. 
• I worked with drumming. In this case, I was physically active with clear mind. The effects were calming and peaceful. I was called to chant, and so did.
• I moved with trance music. Again, very physical, but the piece I chose was both quiet and energetic. Likewise, the outcome was calmative. (The entire journey, however, was not.) 
• I listened. I sat in a comfortable position and basically meditated to music, but unlike some meditations, I asked tones and notes to allow subconscious connection.

The effects of trance can be quite profound. I encourage you to zip through the above link and check out some trance options (on line or with a local group).