Power of Positive Environment


These words at the end of a letter to a friend:

"Choose well who you hang with."

What we engage in and with, who we choose to share time with, the foods we choose to eat, the books we choose to read, the lyrics we here...All of these things potentially have an enormous impact on our lives and our state of mind and wellbeing. 

And mind what is on your walls, in your home...

...in your bookshelf. All of these things play a subtle but important roll in supporting, or NOT supporting your highest good (or highest vibration). We can be nourished, in so many ways, by simple things:
• A soft blanket
• A favorite smell
Consider leaving tokens of memories that make you happy in places you see often. Arrange paintings or photographs so that they inspire or calm and uplift. Remove broken items from your view. 

And, yes, choose well who you hang with.
(Painting by Marie White. The five of swords from the Mary El Tarot.)