Crystal Work: Magic!


I begun working with crystals a couple of years ago when a friend brought me a piece of Aragonite and another brought me Candle Quartz. "Aragonite warms the extremities, bringing energy through the body...It strengthens the immune system. It is useful for grounding floaty people." I swallowed hard: the first two I could take, but...was I "floaty?" Candle Quartz Crystal (otherwise known as the Pineapple Quartz or Atlantean Lodestar) "is a mysterious crystal with a gentle but strong and persistent energy. It is a lightbringer crystal, bringing hope and comfort where there was unhappiness, hopelessness and pain. Lightworkers will be able to use this crystal to its fullest potential." I immediately wondered: "do I seem sad and lonely? Or maybe I'm meant to be a Lightwkrker?" Years later, I'm over thinking so hard and so completely grateful that these two friends introduced me to the word of crystals. 

As an herb worker and medicine maker, I am already familiar with the art of enhancing lives with food preparation, salt blends, tinctures and tonics. Today, I am thrilled to be incorporating ground crystals into appropriate* recipes and potions. The physical energetics of these are ancient and indisputable. I'm on a magic trip of learning with deep reverence: an amazing universe we inhabit and a miracle earth bounty. 

*Bath salts and essences