March Seed Starting!


I'm so excited for March! Every year I look forward to this moment: planting seeds. This month, I begin (yesterday) on the 13th with Onions and one type of Tomato that requires the 8-10 week starting before moving to the hoop house or the garden. On the 25th, I'll do another group, and the last group will be seeded on the 25th of April. I plant by the biodynamic calendar (pictured left)—so, basically, there are specific days that are better suited for planting roots, fruits, leaves and flowers. Because of this, the "groupings" will split out and be started "in-and-around" the 25th of each month. All are marked carefully so that if some don't come up, I can try again—and also to track specific types over the years and recognize how they do, here, in this particular climate and soil. 

This is a personal "holiday." On honor it as a particular part of the wheel of the year and the Life Art and Blessing of creating beauty and making magic daily.