Magic "Box" of Goodies


Ahhhhh...I LOVE this drawer of goodies! It's filled with so much yummy stuff, and smells fabulous and transformative. As someone who lives by the Wheel of the Year, I participate in all of the celebrations and more. This drawer is filled with all of my tools (additive tools—not the instruments, cloths, etc...): incense, herbs, oils, tobacco, matches, candles, booklets, journals, special papers and memories, gifts from my children. This is special place, and if I were small enough, I would climb in. Everyone should have a "magic" drawer. 

I find that my life and practices are enhanced by excellent additions: the candle, the incense, the herbs. I love the essences for their various qualities. It's so personal, but such a powerful thing to build: I mean, self-empowering toward self-empowerment and deeper connection. If you live close by, come take a look and consider: if not, I can send a more detailed list of the contents if you wish (this is just a slice of the whole picture). Let me know.

Blessings and enjoy your evening.