Good Food • Good Life • Good Love


Food is such an important part of our lives—or, I hope it is for YOU. The practice of growing; carefully washing and selecting; preparing and dishing up into a lovely plate, bowl or an amazing one: few things could be so healthful, healing and satisfying. This is truly...self care and self love. It is also care and love for others! So, freely share your bounty as you can. 

The above was inspired by a recipe from Super Foods Super Fast. I took my own twist based on what I had and what I was choosing to avoid. Potatoes are from last years harvest (makes my heart sing!). Seeds, chickpeas, cabbage, onions and greens. Simple, bowl-worthy and delightful.

Recommendation: think of some amazing ingredients. Consider how they'd blend (color, flavor, texture). What's missing? What doesn't fit. It's not so hard to create the most amazing, healthy, nourishing and satisfying combinations. Get to know your kitchen. Practice kitchen self care and wellbeing. 

Yes! So rewarding. xoxo