Crystal Love


Life Art and Blessing has always turned to nature, at the very core, for inspiration, reflection and relationship. RELATIONSHIP: the essence and deep meaning of all. Crystals are a daily part of the Creatrix of Beauty meditation, consideration, and natural, physical and elemental connection. There are literally thousands to consider, but these ones were a bang-wow-super-purchase. Left: Green Apophyllite with Stilbite. suggestion of the amazing Amethyst Phantom. In connection with nature, the Green Apophyllite is an empowering steward—birthing forth that relationship. 

Take a spin: These guys are so legit and lovely—you cannot go wrong here. There are many many ways to explore the crystals: I prefer in person, but living in a rural place, don't have too many options. Be sure to consider your sources carefully (that's Karma). Or check with a friend in the know. Ask us anything! We are endlessly curious. 

Green Apophyllite with Stilbite
"Shed your reservations and get in tune with something that never goes out of style—nature. When you allow the stresses, fears, doubts and worries of the modern world to dim your vibrant light, you block your true self from shining through. Green Apophyllite brings you back to your most natural essence. Let go of suppressed emotions and negativity, and, instead, welcome the green energy of growth for vitality and health within your environment. Stilbite will sine a light on your spiritual path. Allow it to open the heart chakra and it will lend its natural rosy pink hue to your rose-colored attitude." —Energy Muse