A Little Autumnal Ceremony


There is a crispness in the air today—filled with memories. Suddenly, I am present in this moment and so aware of the shifting of seasons. And in the night sky (which arrives now so much earlier, and somehow deeper), you KNOW we are upon our Autumn Equinox. I live this time with great honor. I become more aware, reflective, present, thankful, grateful. I acknowledge what I witness and take little for granted. And stepping out to walk in the damp grasses of early morning, I have layers—so many layers. The shirt, sweater, jacket and boots with socks….but also the keen sense of those who came before me.

• Evening sky with stars and moon (in whatever phase)
• A fire pit or fire-proof vessel for burning things
• A few small dry branches or burnable wood
• Matches and paper (fire starting stuff)
• Miscellaneous meaningful things!

With all safety in mind (and the perfect precautions), light your little fire. In the small time of burning (as this one pictured above, done alone and to keep things safe), take in the light, feel the heat (from a distance), witness the stars and the moon (or any airplanes and funny night lights), If appropriate to you, acknowledge the directions, the elements and other things sacred to you and/or to this time of year. You might sing or make music. Honor and thank. Listen. Listen well.