Creatrices of Beauty


We are…CREATRICES OF BEAUTY. At every moment, we have opportunity. We have the power to shift outcome, raise vibration. A subtle smile shared, a letter sent, a compliment made, a soft hand and large heart. The smallest gestures can spin off and around to create the most profound and resilient energies. SMILE. Touch gently and with love. There is magic at every moment…if you witness and embrace with intent.

Today’s Magic: Wind and Rain
In the light mist, I walk with face lifted toward the sky and eyes shut. The wind brushes my skin—and I realize that I am alive…and present…for this moment. This moment.

Lady’s Mantle: Alchemical Vulgaris
This lovely lady lays to rest now, but will reappear in the spring. She’s moist, supple and supportive. Women use alchemilla for heavy or painful menstrual periods or for symptoms of menopause. Key: Rosacea family.