Full Moon Ritual • The Blood Moon



I usually celebration the Full Moon in company, but the heavy snows and shifty roads have kept folks tucked in at home.

This evening at 6:30pm, I’m going to begin my ritual. 

• Candles burning (hopefully through the night—if can be done safely)
• Sage clearing and cleansing
• Hints of Sweetgrass through the hours
• A special temporary alter (various crystals, feathers, cards) for this Eclipse, this Blood Moon and our Full Moon
• Readings from Demetra George and Starhawk
• Writings on what I have witnessed, discovered, embraced and/or manifested in the past 9 months.
• A personal note to the blood moon.
• Vessel for burning these written words—feather for fanning/scattering

I will awake around 12 midnight for a spot outside, under the sky at 12:12am.

Below is a list you can look to for specific timing of the the Eclipse.