"Memory Systems are Essentially Magical..."

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Listening to a Podcast the other day, I was prompted to revisit some tarot texts. Kelly-Ann Maddox referenced the Mythic Tarot…and I share some of it here, because…

I am often called to defend or explain the tarot.

The images of the tarot have survived over centuries because they are universal…and invoke a sense of knowing, connection, understanding and direction. The Mythic Tarot connects the content of cards to the ancient gods and goddesses and I quote: “they remain perhaps the most fundamental and comprehensive images to describe the many-sided and multicolored workings of the human psyche. They are symbols of the raw nature, our own raw human nature with its deep ambivalence of body and spirit and its mutually contradictory drives towards self-realization and unconsciousness. Our understanding of our own ambivalence has only recently begun to be restored to its ancient scope by modern depth psychology, which has inevitably had to return to the source—the ancient gods—for its understanding of human behavior. “

“Amoral yet containing profound moral truths.”

In my Life Art, I have found the practice of revisiting the ancient symbols and the archetypes to be helpful—empowering…and providing consideration and guidance. The same proves true for my Tarot and Oracle. On a new or full moon, I often think of and on personages or mythic types to support my intentions, hopes and prayers. I pull cards and create intentional space. I invite you to do the same. You might begin here:

• Ceres (https://mythology.net/roman/roman-gods/ceres/)
• Lakshmi (http://www.koausa.org/Gods/God6.html)
• Nu Kua (http://www.thaliatook.com/AMGG/nukua.php)

…or consider getting a Tarot or Oracle deck you love to accompany you through your journey…2019 and beyond.