The Dark Moon, Seedpod Essences and Magic Autumn

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Today, we move into the dark moon phase—a most receptive phase. A time when the veil is thin and quiet opportunity is voluminous. From Mysteries of the Dark Moon, Demetra George: "Regulated by the lunar cycle, the dark nights before the new moon have their equivalent in all natural earth cycles. In the alternating rhythms of day and night, the dark moon phase corresponds to the deepest part of the night, the two hours before dawn. This is a time of deep inspiration, when we can be more receptive to the finely tuned vibrations of intuitions visions and insights..." This is a particularly magical time—one in which we draw down and in—remain open, responsive, alert and tuned. "In the seasonal and plant cycle, the dark moon phase corresponds to the seedpodwhich contains the plant's essence and is buried in the winter's dark rich soil, awaiting spring's germination." We are, in a sense, vibrantly and silently opened to our true and essential essences. And ... in our autumnal season, embrace the joy of the pod—the excitement as it's secret potential seals in...until spring. Likewise, in these dark days, embrace the quiet spirit energy of relationship that is ours—and enjoy the deep, mysterious celebration.