New Moon: October 19, 2017


Hello and blessings on this New Moon in Libra.
These dark days have been somewhat challenging. We've been drawn to question, observe, witness and experience truth—and often in some uncomfortable spaces and places. We have been uncovering and discovering. We face our truth. This may feel hazy and vague.
You are not alone. 
Tonight offers a possibility if we choose: After 9:40pm (when the moon is no longer void), consider writing one sentence about one hope, thought or idea to manifest over this moon cycle. For me (and in this thin veil, Samhain, seed-poddy, golden-harvest), the sun's earlier setting (coupled with windblown-and-falling-burt-umber leaves) reminds me that...
Soon I will shift:
I will turn and work with the closing of the season and become more bear-like in my winter's work. In this, I become other than what I know in the wilder parts of our wheel. Tonight, I set intention around creating healthy rhythm that supports serves—while my "pod" holds essence. I become creatively quiet: I nestle, rebuild and softly connect with another sort of light...another know of nature. I am ready.