Her Spiraling Nature: Leaving the Ouroborus

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The pull of the week from M.M. Meleen's deck deeply affected me. In fact, the whole message resounded. RESOUNDED. "Come on women: !!! Rise Up! Be your Light! Grow Bright! Create! Act! Honor your SOUL TRUTH!" And I am left with a heart message: nourish and honor yourself so that you can support the cosmos for the higher good. Diana says: "It's our sacred duty to protect/defend the world," and I add to that: "the universe as we do and don't know it." Do you feel alone in your honorable "uprising" of self actualization and participation on and with the planet and more? I recommend some books: Awakening Shakti, Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings, Witch, Creating On Purpose. Reach out if you'd like to know the authors. Come to a sharing circle at Stowell Farm (x3 per month). Most importantly, surround yourself with your most supportive network of people, places and things. Let the magic lift you—as if supported by and in the ether. Standing tall in your essence. Call me for a tarot reading!!! 802.793.6006.