Striding the Void

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It is ... the darkest of dark. Today, the new moon—following three days of the deepest void. The thinnest space. The nothing and the everything. And, we know the 13th moon.

How are you in this space? Do you float in the company of nothing and everything? Do you struggle? I offer: "This is the finest opportunity to ... ALLOW." It is the richest time available to us for "the brewing." In the silence and the unknowing, we find our greatest voice, our strongest potential, our sacred seeds and our most powerful truth. 

Fear not the darkness: it is your greatest friend. Breath deeply and slowly. Feel your connect to the vast. The infinite. There is no script, no dialogue. There is stillness. And from the stillness, sparks the proud seed.

Be the Stranger of Winds. Listen in stillness. Later, you act. (Image: Japaridze Tarot Deck)