A Ragged Dance: Between the Void and the Light

In this space between Samhain and Yule (and within the Scorpion New Moon), the energy is funny: both empty and quiet and curiously aware of brewing action and activity. It’s the time of The Ragged Dance. Witness the dynamic between a full acceptance of nothingness and eager desire to snatch potential and run. We lift up and fall down...and rise again.

Key: Power in the Void
Clue: Artemis Archetype. Still and powerful contemplation. Preparation for action.

For many, this moment in the Wheel of the Year presents a dissonant harmony: and edgy quality. As an alternative, I offer an inspiration: Artemis. She stands in contemplation and resonance with nature, spirits, and elements. She’s at home in this contemplative time—and fully owns and understands it’s vital, essential role. It comes as easily as breath to her. She is not asleep: She works smart and quiet—knowing proper timing. Consider “hunting and searching:" assessing, tracking, waiting, and watching. In this time, there may be longing, depression or famine, but in this space before the Yule (and promise of light and longer days), there is calm and perfect power.

Today, in meditation space, I journey with a bow. A traditional bow. I travel down through the trunk of the Oak to channel Artemis. I sit. I wait. I watch. The natural order is bounty—and I am with and within it. In time, I stand with my bow, pull back, aim, consider and imagine my throw. It is very quiet, very still. The energy is great: right, true and perfect. There is an ancient and deep connect with this practice. And in this moment, I embrace Athena.

Truth: Creative illusions manifest and distract  
Key: It is all about wisdom and mastery
Goddess: Athena