Wildwood Mystics: a vow

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Embracing the study of the three realms is the commitment of wildwood mystics. It leads to many magical adventures and realizations. It clarifies and empowers any intentions that we want to manifest. The call to practice enchantment gives a purpose to mysticism. "It gives frequent and sometimes quite pressing reasons to visit a sacred site, or to enter, by Pagan prayer, the realms of spirit. This means that we have momentum upon the path."  There are always reasons in life manifest for the higher good: we may want to "heal ourselves or each other, or wild creatures; we may wish to invoke for good fortune, or for safe travel for our friends or children; for lasting love; for new inspiration and so on. Each time, we must fly between the realms, as though on our broomsticks, or winged stags or horses, to seek the help an guidance of spirits, under the protection of Pagan deities. We do this by means of the consciousness-altering power of magical prayers." Quoted and Adapted from The Hedge Witch's Way by Rae Beth.