Moving from Yule toward Imbolc

The winter solstice has broken the days to their longer lengths. In this turn of the Wheel, we welcome the sun returning to it’s warmer positions. Yet, personally, I rejoice in and require the solitude and quiet of the winter months: In this time, we are provided a subtle, warm, deep and dark renewal. In these spaces, we contemplate, draw in…recharge and get ready to breath out. Create. Without the quietude, the vibrance and energy of the more airy and fiery seasons could not produce substantially and over time. We would be…wiped out. 

The Wheel is intentional. The key: Pay attention. Be tuned. In tune.

We are not separate from the miracle and mystery we call the cosmos. We are an energetic and elemental part. The key: Achieve harmony. Align.

My brother owns a fine dulcimer. It has many strings. Because he tends carefully, it is always resonating at the highest and most prosperous frequency. We are no different: pay attention. Listen. When we are in alignment, we know: we are grounded, creative, prosperous, devoted and generous. 

Embrace the growing warm, sun energy with gratitude and understanding of it’s place in the cycle. Imbolc will offer the time to ignite the subtle glow—and prepare for the sparks of spring and summer. All in their proper time.