Gift for Today

Photo: Mother Nature Network

Photo: Mother Nature Network

It seems like a funny day to contemplate the Wands, begin October, and start the week. Here in the Northeast, it has been raining steadily—and continues on this lovely Autumn day. I think of yesterday’s card pull for this week, AND I PONDER. The Page of Wands.

What I thought of first thing was how I LOVE LOVE LOVE these rainy days. I love cloudy days. I love all the days in all their natures (all moods aside). And I watch the ducks as they love this rainy day, the sheep (as they don’t seem to mind) and the chickens (as they nestle). The dogs really don’t care. So what is it about us that gets SAD, that says: “oh bummer, it’s a rainy day.”—and checks out. “I just FEEL the snow coming…I HATE winter.” That’s super un-Page-of-Wands.

This week’s Tarot card pull alluded to creative spark and magic. In this, I think of deep, inner commitment. I think of the Magician with all of his discipline and Temperance with her discernment—in all circumstances. Why is it that we feel less motivated when the weather SEEMINGLY does not support our spirit? Inner fire?

I encourage you to strike the match to which I referred. Have keen awareness for the unexpected. Find the golden nugget in the unlikely places. This is what the rain told me.