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Courtesy of the New York Times

Courtesy of the New York Times

I posted an article on Facebook that was forwarded to me by a relative. I quote a bit of it here: “What is that conception? Simply this: that divinity is fundamentally inside the world rather than outside it, that God or the gods or Being are ultimately part of nature rather than an external creator, and that meaning and morality and metaphysical experience are to be sought in a fuller communion with the immanent world rather than a leap toward the transcendent.

“This paganism is not materialist or atheistic; it allows for belief in spiritual and supernatural realities. It even accepts the possibility of an afterlife. But it is deliberately agnostic about final things, what awaits beyond the shores of this world, and it is skeptical of the idea that there exists some ascetic, world-denying moral standard to which we should aspire. Instead, it sees the purpose of religion and spirituality as more therapeutic, a means of seeking harmony with nature and happiness in the everyday — while unlike atheism, it insists that this everyday is divinely endowed and shaped, meaningful and not random, a place where we can truly hope to be at home.”

At first, I was thrilled. And then I thought: “Not really. They don’t get it.” That’s personal. This is all so personal, but I’d love to hear your various thoughts.

p.s., I am not quite sure why we always need to form things into simple words and concepts. I am not sure my beliefs are “capture-able.”

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