Oma Blends and Oils


So...!!! As mentioned, the new bitters are brewed, strained and settling. This time, we've done Fennel Bitters and Angelica Chamomile Bitters. All blends have (roots) Burdock, Dandelion, Yellowdock, Gentian and Orange Bitter Peel as their base. The Fennel bitters has fennel seed added to the base and the Angelica/Chamo has those roots and flowers (respectively) added. Our bitter line is quite strong—so it works to wake up and aid the digestive system (your key to health!). By early March, we'll have Field of Flowers, Spirit Revival and Sleep. Field of Flowers is a beautiful blend of Red Clover, Rose, Chamomile, Linden, Lemon Balm, Motherwort and Mugwort. This blend's specific action is to sooth, calm and uplift...and bring joy. Spirit Revival is intended to raise the spirit (joy, truth, soul) and reclaim our sense of self. It is a blend of Hibiscus, Nettles, Chamomile, Calendula, Passion Flower, Rose and Mugwort. This is a mystical, joyful, nourishing blend. Sleep is a blend of Hops, California Poppy and Kava Kava. These are all alcohol-based potions, so be clear that this is good and healthy choice/option for you: we tincture in grain alcohol so that our blends are potent for up to five years. Warning: do not take any herbal remedies without the prior advise and authorization of your doctor. We, in no way, replace the sound advise of a doctor or therapist. Some herbs DO NOT mix with certain prescriptive medications. Let us know if you'd like to order by replying to this post, emailing or using the contact button at the far right of the navigation options. To your health! —The team at MagicOma.