The Ever Turning ...

Posted as a Stowell Farm Blog—but never published on FB here goes:


This is a page from my journal—written around 1998. Some things do not change. Well, yes, I don't have a pond anymore, but garden more...and my children are no longer living with me—so are in their own homes. I have not blogged much from here because I've been focusing on two new sites and adventures—with more to come. Please check out and My blogs are on MagicOma—where they've been landing since October 1 of 2017. I'm not sure where the site will go, but it's a labor of love—and I've waited years to collaborate and launch. is "me"—so take a look if you please. The farm is sleepy animal-wise. We sold last year...and are still here—but most of the animals are not (long and sad story).  :) xo to all. I miss you.