Allium, Potato, Garlic ... Alice Waters Recipes


When it comes to straight up love for the pure vegetable, check Chez Panisse Vegetables by Alice Waters. This is the best, most important and amazing book: reading and working with it, one creates true relationship. We share a few recipes here, but buy the book! Used copies deserve new life as well (that's were I got mine). xoxox Enjoy! Lean about Alice.

"Onion season at the restaurant runs year-round. In late winter, as we use up the last of the dry storage onions, the earliest spring onions appear. Some, not even bullying yet, look like big, fat scallions. Others, such as Crystal Wax and Purplette, are miniature versions of the beautiful white or red bulbing onions. These onions add a freshness and sparkle missing from the more mature storage onions..." 
• Grilled Spring Onions
• Baked Spicy Onion Slices
•  Onion Confit

Whole Roasted Garlic: "Use garlic in season that has not begun to sprout. Select good-looking, firm heads (allow one per person). Peel just the outer skin from the upper half of each head; arrange the heads, root end down, in and over-proof dish..." The beauty of her recipes is in the simplicity. Nothing too fancy, just pure, true and fine.

"This member of the nightshade family, Solanum tuberosum, is grown from coast to coast." 
• Roasted New Potatoes with Garlic and Thyme
• Potato Gnocchi
• Fingerling Potato Coins (basically yummy and buttered!)
• Warm Potato Salad with Creme Fraiche
• Straw Potato Cake