Remembering Daffodils


The power of drying in the warmer seasons is many, but one HUGE thing is the idea that we are reminded of the magic of the growing season in the non-growing months. The walls, surfaces and vessels here are filled with such memories: dried daffodils, sage wraps, anemone sprays, corn stalks, roses and so much more. Acorns and horse chestnuts... bowls filled with reminders. The seeds! And now, in this season, the seeds beneath begin to stir. 

Daffodils are one of the first colorful flowers to show in spring. They are symbolic of rebirth and new beginnings. Their botanic name is narcissus, and they are sometimes called jonquils. They are  symbolic of prosperity and the promise of good luck.

When witnessing these dried flowers hanging, one is reminded of smiles, fresh starts and joy.