The Cycle • The Lessons


When things get to busy, fuzzy and complex, IT’S A MESSAGE. I come to this place time to time—a “place” where the city is abuzz, the trains are not running on time, there are too many people in line and everyone and thing is rushed, etc…etc…etc… And I pause: and I figure out that the subway just needs to shut down for a while. I live in rural Vermont, so this is all just a vision I’ve created in my head to try to make sense of the conundrum which has recently befallen.

Samhain: one of my very favorite times of year. A time of slowing. A time of honor.

This morning, I cancelled a few things and rearranged. I struggle with my mind when I’m overcome by the feeling (or reality) that I have let someone (or a group) down: I will push myself out of balance to maintain a perception of never wavering, never wanting, never needing and always delivering. I often carry this illusion that I am angelic in nature: surpassing human qualities, restrictions and capabilities. For all of my “spiritual depth and connectedness,” you’d think me more often the wiser?

By the end of the day, the subway system will be back up and running.