Life Cycles and Tea Leaves

Dad with his Parents.jpg

I have heard voices of ancestors in dreams. The messages come from year to year, but they are always clear and consistent: guide, gift and … read tea leaves! Last year I bought a book and a small deck and began to learn a bit about tea leaf reading. The grandmothers and relatives who guide me here, mostly read too. The encouragement I get is to invite people into my home for readings.

These particular relatives have come and gone. I only really knew one of them—the others I have known only in my growing years by memory and circumstance. I think of this often: I know so many people who know their grandparents and relatives so well—and, in fact, spend weekends, holidays and/or phone or chat time with them regularly. This is not my story, so I can only wonder what that is like. In my imagination, I hold hands and celebrate with those who came before me. I am curious about different realities.

October, November and December are favorite months for me (as all months are, really). They are also the months showing the highest death rates and times of suicide. Curious again: as the leaves turn and go under, as the seeds disperse and lie down for the winter, as animals may hibernate. Have prayer. Give thanks.