Ritual vs. Routine? Hint: Ritual is Sacred


Oh … The beauty of ritual— and it’s ability to ground, renew, settle, focus, clarify…and purify. Ritual can be like a detoxification—where the residue we collect can fall away and leave breath and room for our more meaningful and true experience.

CURIOSITY: Ritual / Routine?
If you have one (which most of us do…whether we see it as such or not), what is it?
• Early Morning
• Morning
• Work space
• Lunch practice
• Afternoon break
• Evening reward/renewal
• Before Bed
• Sleep

Ritual vs. Routine? Hint: Ritual…is sacred.

A DAY IN THE LIFE: A Ritual and A Routine
At my bedside, I have an essence—and this is what I wake to. I inhale essence—and thus begins my relationship with the new day. I have animals, so I greet them: we stretch—make connection and embark together. Fresh air is next, no matter what the season: taking it in is cleansing, awaking. I turn an oracle card and maybe a tarot card: these give me clues and awaken awareness. I review my calendar and ground. I am careful to avoid the news first thing. Quiet is good…or maybe a little music. And so the day begins…

As the day progresses, I have small alters and reminders in place to keep me focused, connected, secure and aligned. It doesn’t always work, but truly helps. These, for me, create pauses so I don’t spiral in or out. In the evening, I journal—and often meditate.

Most of us keep some sort of “routines.” They have great purpose: The bills get paid; the recycles are out for pick up.” I ask you to consider which and what assists and which and what possibly restricts. Sometimes our rituals and routines can create boxes—or confined spaces or confining practices. It is important to stay open. So, consider ... What is routine and what is ritual?

Ritual and Routine: take a moment to define and re-define these words for YOURSELF.
Purity and Purify: Take into consideration how language is formed and re-formed by culture. Open your mind.