Last August I attended an event with mystic Beth Hin of the White Rose Foundation. She articulated, in a beautiful and uplifting way, some of the themes of our time, coordinated with the cosmic cycles. Some snippets from my notes talk about the shimmering Grace of the cosmic glitter sweeping through our cells and opening our higher heart—"God has adorned your cells from the inside out" —strengthening us to ground more deeply, to "hold more mass and more weight, occupying Earth with new consciousness, a gesture of offering." She spoke of a recalibration of masculine and feminine (after the recent spicy tango of Mars and Venus retrogrades), for a fuller expression of our divine holiness. 
As Uranus in Aries claims our attention during this month's eclipses, "The Awakener" interfaces with the Nodes of Destiny, stirring up electricity and lighting up our collective higher mind.
A few other particular planetary notes on this eclipse:
*Mercury stands with Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn,
insisting we confront and deal with "wrong thinking," any mental negativity. Our minds so easily go there. Disengage with news that pushes a depressing or upsetting narrative. Positive-mindedness is a key to success. Watch the trend of your thoughts and edit as necessary. Turn your attention to the best potentials. Why not? That will help a lot with this next eclipse agenda.
*Saturn exactly squares Mars
Use your energy well. 
Take care and thought about how you want to use this precious personal resource. Develop your strength and hold to your center. A  mature strength gives courage to move forward and sustain progress, rather than follow rash impulses in order to push on before you are ready and fizzle out. Timing is everything.
*Venus/Jupiter closely conjunct in Sagittarius, both square Neptune in Pisces
Love is the most inspiring philosophy of life, bringing the best vision from the benevolence of the Universe, open to the expanding spiral of enrichment and growth, imagining a vision of universal harmony and peace on Earth. Jupiter and Neptune, both in their strong signs, carry on this theme through the whole year. Engage buoyancy and self-belief beyond discouragement. A great year for life coaches and Big Dreamers. Rise to any opportunity that your intuition gives a resonant 'yes! to. Enhance compassion and empathy for everyone, not by compromising the sense of self-honoring, but rather from a deep faith in the essential goodness of others and an amplified communion with our own spiritual source.
Musical suggestion: "Bring Me a Higher Love" by Steven Winwood
I'll connect with you again on the other side of this eclipse portal! 
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One new initiative is that I will (again) be broadcasting a radio show/ podcast, a kind of enhanced newsletter and periodic, special guests and call-in opportunities. This idea was strengthened by a recent guest appearance on the new podcast of my special friend, powerful healer and delightful spirit, Sky A'Hearn:
Leading with Light! podcast
I am on this fresh new podcast show hosted by Sky A'Hearn of I've known Sky for some years, and she is a light force to contend with! She is into the Mayan calendar, which came up as we were discussing Year 2019 and how it's starting out. We had a fun time! Listen in here! I'll be a periodic guest as this podcast as the year goes on.
The Third Incarnation of Ceres
Here is the online link to the article on Ceres I wrote for Vermont Woman magazine. The third statue of Ceres was lifted to the Golden Dome of the Vermont State House on November 30.