A Place of Enchantment

November 30, 2017

Osprey. Juvenile female.  

Osprey. Juvenile female.  


Do you have a place of enchantment? 

You know, that chunk of earth you have a sense of kinship with.  
A "homeland", where you feel you are of the land. 
One of these places for me is on Lewis Creek. 
It is a small flowing body where
...an Osprey nests, 
...ducks swim,
...trees touch each other over the creek and are mirrored in the water.
It's a place you can sit in a kayak and just float, taking it all in. 
Deeply, like sustenance for a hungry soul. 
Breath comes easy as the stresses of the world fall away.
I am struck to my core by the beauty here. 
The smell of mud and grass. Floating through forest and fields. 
Cows come down to drink and soak their bellies. 
Mountains are in the background.
I practice moving through the water with no sound, only the few drops of water off the blade of the paddle.  
I hope each of us finds a homeland to be mesmerized by, that anchors us, heals us.
The closer we live to the Earth, the more respect we will have for Nature. 

Immerse yourself!
Plant yourself in the path of beauty!

It's not a bad idea to get connected now and then, get grounded.

Who would you wish this goodness on?  
The leaders of the world?! 
Have you found a place of refuge?