Magic • A little holiday story

Photo©Kathy Mitchell

Photo©Kathy Mitchell

The space around us is filled with hurrying, 

 and the expectation to conform to the seasonal “holidaze",

Preparations to celebrate.

I don’t celebrate. I hurry to help those who do.

The hurry makes me want to run away,

far away, to the high places. Maybe to a cabin in woods, 

where there is only

the warmth of a fire,

the simple flow of a sun’s 

path across the sky,

some natural magic,

beauty that fills me up and 

quiets my mind.

Here, in the hurry of life,

I've let myself get sucked in.

I turn away and cast eyes upon a bird,

skittering through the leaves on the ground,

looking for something.


Breathe in peace.

Inside, I burn sage. I smudge the house.

Fan the smoke to wash away hurry.

Wash away remnants of the rush.

Instead, I will look for magic.