Goodbye to Winter...with Soul Sighs

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I woke this morning, saying goodbye to winter.  A male Cardinal was singing praises to the day. Over and over he sang, just occasionally changing his tune in countable notes. It completely captivated my waking mind, as I am sure it attracted and dazzled a female of its own kind.

Today I will plant seeds.  Flowers first, as I need and dream of, and anticipate color and beauty.  Then the seeds for my belly.  Sustenance for the soul. Sustenance for the body. 

The primal force of life as it re-awakens in the spring is intoxicating.  Biological messages are everywhere.  Underground root messages connecting a family of trees, the songs of winged ones, and other emerging winter sleepers, and those returning to us.

I am waiting to take a walk to a favorite Vermont forest, that will be covered in a bed of Trilliums.  So magical and stimulating.  (Imagine how it stimulates a bee!)  Everywhere you look, there is the possibility of love, regrowth.  Spring jerks out instinctual tendencies of bonding, procreation of new life. It summons and calls to sleeping forces.

Wandering alone in woods and fields, moving carefully and mindfully in different habitat helps us to truly feel embedded. Like "Earthing" :  walking with bare feet on wild land. Forced to move slowly. Solid and grounded.  It makes the heart swell and belong.  Sit quietly against an old tree, and you can almost hear old voices from somewhere, who once moved over the same ground. It is proven that Earthing and Forest-bathing is good for you. It allows me to live, for a moment, by the senses. Listen. Look. Smell. The Pines are in my hair!  Suddenly, I can see my existence as if for the first time.  I appear where I am, as I am and shed the past like an old husk.  It feels like my first skin and  I grasp it as a necessity.  It makes me want to live a different way, more aware of my environment. Mindful. My soul sighs....

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