Magical World: So Alive!


We live in a consumer’s world with little respect and mindfulness of life and are alienated from nature.  We treat everything like it is replaceable. We see the world as a resource to be used. Mostly, there is no attempt to replace what is used or taken. 

Everything has an energy and there is a constant dance with the exchange of it. Good energy and bad energy is always flowing through us. There are vast waves of power out there.  What do we commune with?  What do we choose to align ourselves with?  How can we learn to? As humans, we operate on a fraction of what we are capable of.  There is a spirit world that most don’t think is real. 

 The mysterious inner world we all possess can stretch and grow, and we can practice connecting with good energy, and shielding ourselves from the bad. If we choose to tune into and align ourselves with the natural world, we can establish relationships with life growing around us. 

Working with plants as a healing source is magical.  When walking in natural environments, we are walking into the plants’ living room.  We make an impact with our presence.  If we move carefully and are mindfully, the plants’ energies are evident. Taking time to express your own body’s needs or dis-ease outwardly to the plant is the right way to ask permission to take a wild plant. There is the notion that you don’t even need to take the plant, to gain its powers to heal. Some shamans do this. They ask the plant’s energy to come inside them or offer their healing powers to another. 

The world is alive on so many levels. Plants can be our allies. 

I once was trying to find a place to plant a plant and dug four holes in four different places before it felt “right”.  I’m not sure if I was picking this up from the plant, the land source, or myself.  I finally found the sweet spot and the plant is thriving.  I could have just gone with the first hole, but I’ll bet the plant would not have done so well.  Who knows?  I am choosing to listen deeply and be more mindful about how I handle these living beings. 

I like to smell flowers. Each time I do, I am rekindling an early childhood memory of riding on my great grandfather’s back through his daughter’s flower garden, overlooking Camel’s Hump Mountain 

He strolled slowly and moved carefully through the flowers, touching and moving them as we passed through.  I pointed to each one and he would bend down, to let me put my nose to the flower. I took this in, to my core, where it grew as sure as a cell in my body.  This experience, as well a many others, took root and instilled a strong relationship with life in the wild and in the garden. 

Here are some random magical things I love about the plant world:
• There are 129 chemicals found in a single Yarrow plant.
• The Lady Slipper flower shaped itself to embrace Bumblebees.
• The companionship of plants: 
The Iroquois named this companion planting theThree Sisters planting, which is three seeds...corn, beans, and squash. When planted together, the Three Sisters work together to help one another thrive. Corn gives a tall stalk for the beans to climb so they don’t get smothered by the sprawling squash vines. Beans provide nitrogen to fertilize the soil and stabilize the towering corn during heavy winds.  The large leaves of the squash shade the ground which helps hold moisture and prevents weeds.
• Elephants will eat the leaves from a specific tree to induce labor. Women in Africa have seen them travel great distances to find this tree and learned to use the same for their own labors. 
• Mosses have no flowers, no seeds, and no roots.
• Somehow, animals know about plants that can hel
p. Dogs will eat quack grass to help their guts maintain mucus membrane systems, and it is antibacterial and antimicrobial, and it helps the kidneys.
• Some birds will weave medicinal plants into their nest that repel pests or boost the immune systems of their chicks.

When someone is sick and a plant heals them, their respect and feelings of connection to the natural world is awakened. It jerks something to the surface and opens a door that draws us close.  It is as if there are small sensors in the body’s energetic field waiting, like the hydra’s tentacles, to take up these bits of goodness available, and draw them in as nourishment for the body and soul.

Walk softly and bow often!