Sound Healing...(and a little tapping)

image: reflections yoga

image: reflections yoga

I recently have been exploring sound healing. I accidentally discovered the sweet calming feeling I get while tapping the upper chest near the throat, while exhaling in a whisper. There is a spot about one hand’s width below the throat, on the sternum. Tap there with the fingers. It sends a wave of vibration through the chest.

Simple, self-created vocal sounds such as elongated vowels like “ah”, “oh”, “eee”, or alternately, the tone of an “mmm” humming sound can have profound and positive effects on our physical, mental and emotional states. It seems to create peace and balance.

It has been said to lower blood pressure and heart rate. I know people who tap areas of the head and chest when feeling anxiety and nervousness. If you add sounds to this, I imagine it can move energy around inside the body through vibration.

Our bodies are energy.

Some places in the body have fluid energy flow. Others have stuck bundles of non-transferred signals. No movement. Blocked. Whether caused by emotional trauma or physical injury, these pile-ups or blockages inhibit natural flow of energy. Tapping along meridians while toning, can help to interrupt the injured patterns of blocked energy.

We naturally emit sounds when we are physically hurt. Elongated vowel sounds like “eeeeeeeeeeee”.

When we are emotionally touched by something, we make an open “ah” sound. Can we recreate this feeling of deep inner joy by emitting the sound during meditation? 

It is said that we release melatonin and reduce stress-related hormones like cortisol, when we use certain sounds. Try saying the long “mmm” humming sounds. We do it for the babies when we hold and rock them. Humming seems to quiet the mind and spread a veil of peace and contentment inside. The sound can be quiet, breathy, held inside the head and throat, like a long exhale through the nose, mouth closed. It passes from brain to ears, throat, and very calming.

Practiced sound therapy can help us sleep at night. We can make certain sounds and control where, in the body, we send or project them. Try sending or anchoring specific sounds in the chakra areas.

There are experiments being done using sound to treat depression and cancer. Sound can be a useful tool for grounding and centering.

It is very powerful to sit in a group circle while everyone is making the same sounds, shadowing what one person starts out with.

The sounds are individual but join in harmony, moving and morphing, and bathing the room. There are other sound tools to practice with, like drums, singing bowls, and gongs. Sound that penetrates your skin all the way to the core.

Drumming is a great tool for meditative “travel”.

It can ground you and be a vehicle for mind and spirit travel. The monotony of repetitive deep sound, like the rhythm of a heart beat, is primal and womb-like. 

Image: Real Shaman Healing: YouTube

Image: Real Shaman Healing: YouTube

Beating the drum while pressing the frame against your chest sends the vibration to the core of your body. Shamans have used drums for journeying to the spirit world for centuries. The repetition and the vibration sends you to a zone. An altered state. Whether using drumming, sounding, humming, chanting, listening to music, using tuning forks or singing bowls and gongs, sound can be an important tool for our inner wellbeing.

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